Online Help
book About cam2pc
pageIntroducing cam2pc
pageVersion history
book Setup
pageInstalling cam2pc
pageThe Configuration Wizard
pageAssociating image files with cam2pc
pageExplorer contextual menu
pageUninstalling cam2pc
book Transfering pictures
pageSetting up your camera
pageA simple download
pageUsing masks
pageRenaming Files
pageMiscellaneous transfer options
book The Image Browser
pageBasic image manipulation
pageThe clipboard
pageFinding your images
pageRenaming pictures
pageRotating/Fliping your images
pageDisplaying EXIF metadata
pageEnhancing images
pageResizing your pictures
pageConverting your pictures
pageAdding borders
pageWorking with movie files
pagePrinting images and contact sheets
pageCreating contact sheets
pageUpdating date and time of images
folderAdvanced topics
pageIPTC metadata
pageFixing dead pixels
pageWorking with RAW files
pageAdvanced EXIF data manipulation
pageThe thumbnail database
pageOffline contents
folderThe Album
pageLoading and saving albums
pageBuilding a slideshow
pageMailing the album
pageCreating web galleries
pageCreating video files
book The Image Viewer
pageViewing your images fullscreen
pageChanging the display options
pageViewing your images as a slideshow
book Wallpaper
pageUsing your images as a desktop wallpaper

This documentation refers to the Shareware Edition. Some features described here may not appear in the Freeware Edition.

What is cam2pc?

cam2pc is a (more and more) complete solution to ease your everyday life with your digital camera. From automatic picture download, to organization and sharing cam2pc has all the features you may need while working with your digital pictures. And of course, the list keeps growing with every new release.

Aimed at the digital photography enthousiast, cam2pc has features for the beginners (like simple picture mailing or slideshow creation) and for the expert users (exhaustive EXIF data management, dead pixel fixing...).

This documentation will help you make the most out of cam2pc so do not hesitate to consult it if you feel unsure about something!