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Copy/Cut/Paste files

For a fast copy or move of files you can use the clipboard. Simply select your pictures and select Edit > Copy if you want to copy the files and Edit > Cut if you want to move them. A little icon will appear in the lower-right corner of those images to indicate that they are in the clipboard. Then use the folder tree to go to the destination folder and simply select Edit > Paste.

You can also copy/cut/paste files from Windows Explorer to cam2pc or the other way round.

Images in clipboard

If a bitmap is present in the clipboard, you can save its contents to disk. A first window will appear showing you the content of the clipboard and then you will be able to save the picture to disk using one of the supported formats. If you want cam2pc to tell you as soon as an image is copied to the clipboard enable the "Watch clipboard for image" option.

Sometimes you may also need to copy the content of an image to the clipboard (and not copy it as a file). To do this, simply select the image you want to copy and choose "Copy image content to clipboard". You can then paste the result in any image editing software for instance.