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The Image Viewer

The full-screen viewer is the best place to display your images.

You get in the full-screen viewer when you double click a thumbnail in the Image Browser or when you select the View Full-Screen option.

If you associated image files with cam2pc then double clicking an image file in Windows Explorer also brings the full-screen viewer.

Once in full-screen mode, you can use the following keys to navigate through the images in your folder:

  • Page Up or Space to go to the next image
  • Page Down or Backspace to go to the previous image
  • Home to go to the first image
  • End to go to the last image

If you are displaying the last image of a folder and you press the Next image key, then cam2pc will display the first image of the folder and a little green icon will appear during one second in the upper-right corner of the screen.

For more options, right click anywhere to display a contextual menu with all the options available. You will notice that some commands that were available in the Image Browser are also available here (EXIF metadata, Delete Image...).

To leave the full-screen viewer, simply press the Escape key.