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The Album

The album is an image (or movie) container which is the starting point for creating stuff from your images or sharing your images. The album allows you to gather images and video files from different directories and produce content out of them like:

  • Easily send pictures by mail
  • Produce a standalone slideshow
  • Create web galleries of your images
  • Create videos

Managing the content of the album is really easy. Select images you want to add to the album in the Image Browser window and simply hit the * key. The selected images will be added to the album and the album window will be automatically displayed. If you want to remove images from the album simply select them in the Browser or in the Album window and hit the / key. It is recommended to use the * and / keys on your numeric keypad for an easier usage. You also have a command to empty the Album at once.

Images in the Album can be reorganized simply by selecting and dragging them. A vertical line constantly indicates the new position of the dragged images if you release the mouse button.

Once images are in the Album, then simply choose one of the albums command in the Album menu or hit one the buttons on the toolbar of the Album window. Slideshow album simply displays the images of the album in a full-screen slideshow. If you want to build such a slideshow and be able to share it with friends then choose Build Slideshow from Album.

If images are selected in the album window then only these images will be used to perform the next Album operation. This allows you, for instance, to send only some images of an album by mail.

Resize album allows you resize all the images of the album with the same settings. Used in conjunction with the fact the Resize tool can be told to output all the images in the same folder, this is an ideal way of preparing images before publishing them on the Web or whatever.