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Advanced EXIF data manipulation

cam2pc 3.1 introduces a set of new features aimed at managing the EXIF metadata embedded with images. These features are quite new and have been tested on as much image files as possible but there is still a possibility that some special file formats might not be recognized properly. In that case, cam2pc may corrupt your images making them impossible to be read back. That's why it is more than highly recommended to test this set of features on a backup of your images in order to make sure that cam2pc is compatible with your pictures. If you find cam2pc to corrupt your images then please contact nabocorp so we can add your images to our test database and make sure cam2pc works with them! As stated in the license agreement, nabocorp cannot be held responsible for any data loss.

In order to save some bandwidth when you send images or whatever, cam2pc is able to discard the EXIF thumbnail of the selected images. You can save even more bandwidth and discard the whole EXIF metadata for the selected files. Those two options can be found in the Image menu.

The EXIF thumbnail embedded in the image is rarely updated by image manipulation tools. Some tools (like cam2pc) use this thumbnail to create the Image Browser thumbnail. In that case the thumbnail extracted by cam2pc will not reflect what the image looks like. You can have cam2pc update the EXIF thumbnails of the selected images by choosing this option in the Image menu.

Last set of advanced EXIF manipulation fonctions is the ability to save EXIF metadata to disk and to load it back from disk. This is useful is for instance you plan to edit an image in a tool that you do know does not preserve EXIF metadata (like Adobe Photoshop 6.0 or earlier versions). In this case, just save the EXIF metadata to disk, retouch your picture and reload the metadata from disk!