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Working with your images

You can select images in the Image Browser and perform some actions on them. Clicking on an image will discard any previous selection and select the clicked image. You can also click and drag in the Image Browser to select multiple images at the same time. After having selected an image you can Shift-click another one to have cam2pc select all the images between those two images.

If you hold the Control key when performing one of those operations, cam2pc will not discard the current selection but will instead add the selected images to the selection. You can also press Ctrl+A to select all the images, Shift+D to select all the images shot at the same date as the one currently selected or press Shift+Ctrl+A to select all files (sub folders, images, movies...).

To perform actions in the Image Browser you can use the standard menu, the contextual menu or the keyboard shortcuts listed on the right of each command in the menus. You can also use the toolbar which contains shortcuts to the most-used commands. The set of icons displayed can be customized by right clicking on the toolbar and choosing Customize or by selecting Customize Toolbar in the Options menu.

The actions you can perform on the selected files depend on the type of files and the number of items selected: obviously you cannot set two images as your wallpaper so if several images are selected the "Set as wallpaper" command will be disabled.

If you move the mouse cursor over an image and then leave it over without moving, a small window will appear listing some information on the file (name, file size, creation date, image format, image size)..

If you right-click on an image, the 3rd line of the contextual menu will display "Edit Image(s)". Select the option: if you have not done it yet, cam2pc will allow you to define external image editors. You can use any Image Editor you like (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro...): browse to the installation folder of this package and choose the right program file. Once Image Editors are defined, the selected one will be launched and set to open all the selected files.

If you right-click on a movie file (.avi, .mpg or .mov), the 3rd line of the contextual menu will display "Set thumbnail". Select this option to allow to customize the thumbnail that appears for this videu file by choosing any frame of the movie that make sense.