With the release of Windows Vista, Logitech has decided not to update the iTouch software that allows customizing the extra keys found on most of their keyboards. Though the SetPoint software has been updated to run under Vista, SetPoint does not support a lot of keyboards, and most legacy ones are not. Vista users are therefore not able to use most of their custom keys.

nTouch is a software replacement for iTouch that indeed does run under Windows Vista. Tested on a Logitech Elite Keyboard (french version), all the custom keys of that keyboard were easily customized:

nTouch also contains a unique feature not included in the original iTouch software: the ability to make the Fn (F1-F12) keys work as Fn keys (and not custom actions such as New, Undo...) without having to press the Fn Lock key!

nTouch only asks to support more Logitech keyboard, so if you find that your Logitech keyboard is not supported, do not hesitate to post a message on the forums!