cam2pc feature request (versus FastStone)

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cam2pc feature request (versus FastStone)

Postby tko » Fri Mar 03, 2006 11:44 pm

First of all, I only use cam2pc for one purpose - to review thousands of pictures for quality and ratings. Think stock photo inspector. As such, I really appreciate cam2pc's speed, information (histogram, file info, and eyedropper). The only other product out there that compares is FastStone, which, although a little faster, isn't quit as polished in my opinion.

The one feature that FastStone has that I really love is the "one click zoom" and "intelligent mouse scrolling" when in this zoom mode. Clicking on the picture zooms to 100% view, centered on where the click was, then dragging while keeping the mouse button down scrolls the picture around. The scrolling is intelligent in that you never have to lift the mouse or reposition it to zoom to all edges of the phot. You really have to try it to understand, but it seems to map the scrollable region to movements the mouse can handle w/o repositioning it on the pad. Once the button is release the zoom goes back to normal. Once more, the "one click zoom" level is settable in the program.

Although both features seem trivial they really add up when reviewing thousands of pictures. Very, very easy to zoom in to 100% and move around - no keyboard required, no windows to draw. A lot of thought went into this one simple feature. If cam2pc could have this it would be almost perfect . . .
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Postby eddyimpact » Fri Jan 12, 2007 3:47 pm

That sounds very helpful. I think I would like that feature as well.

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