Loading exif data

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Loading exif data

Postby morftp » Sat Sep 10, 2005 1:13 am

I tried to load exif but it did not work.
I followed the precedure below.
1. Save the exif data
2. Strip the exif data with cam2pc so the image has not any exif metadata.
3. Load exif data from the saved exif.

I did this for various cameras. Is there a bug about loading exif data or did I do something wrong?

While writing this I did some experiments. Hey nabocorp! Where is the JIFF section when we strip the exif data in the new file. I think the problem is this. Because it works when I saved the images by mspaint to strip the exif data and those images only difference from cam2pc\'s exif data stripped file is the JFIF section.

Another question is, why do we need quantization and huffmann tables in the exif file. I think they will be changed by the software that we edit image with. Also there is no need to a thumbnail image, it can be genarated from the original image if we will edit the file.

thats all for now....
Your program is really great.
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