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Postby jsoutter » Thu May 08, 2003 2:45 am

First, thanks very much for a great piece of software. cam2pc is easy to use and I particularly like the image smoothing in the slide show.

I am very interested in slide shows and their ability to tell more of a story than the individual images. I would like to suggest improvements to cam2pc to make it easier to build slide shows. My ideas are based on "AD Picture Viewer" which is otherwise inferior to cam2pc. Specificially, picture viewer offers the following simple features that are not found in cam2pc.

1. Albums can be saved and loaded.

2. It is possible to remove images from an Album while manually cycling through a slide show.

3. Albums can be started from any point. As a result, it is easy to evaluate the effect of removing an image.

4. The images in an album can be sorted by name

It seems relatively easy to add these features to cam2pc and certainly these features would add value.

Thanks again for a first class piece of software.

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