Lag in the menus?

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Lag in the menus?

Postby Senti » Wed May 25, 2005 11:30 am


I am a excited user of Cam2pc for quite a while now, but I'm having a problem for the moment.

whenever I open a menu ( right-click in image-view or just the normal menu in the browser-view ), it takes a looooong time before the menu is visible.
It starts very slowly drawing the square, then the shadows, then the ..

I'm using 4.5.2 (freeware)
under the 1000 thumbs
a 1.7 mhz Mobile CPU with 512 RAM on XP SP2

I was considering to buy the Cam2pC, but off course, If we can fix this problem.

Many thanks & greetings from Antwerp, Belgium

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