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Postby mathijs » Mon May 16, 2005 9:05 pm


I wrote down some comments during my holiday about cam2pc. These comments are mostly enhancements, some can be referred as minor bugs. I love cam2pc and bought it, because it feels all so logical.

1. It would be nice to have a ´Fullscreen preview´ button available at the Enhance Image window. This would give me a quicker view of the enhanced pictures in a larger format. Generally you now need to save it first, go back to the folder view and open the image to see it fullscreen.

2. The right-mouse menu gives quick access to the most used functions. The keyboard equivalents can be made more logical. The ´Shift´ and the ´Ctrl´ are used both for just a few functions. Maybe it is an idea to keep it to the ctrl only. And the CTRL-E and SHIFT-E are being used both. This is too confusing for me. I always press the wrong combination, unlucky me.

3. A small ´bug´. When changing the EXIF information for a selection of images, it asks for every image if you want to continue, because the images may be unreadable. Ok, you could click the ´Do not ask again´, but than it won´t show up next time.

4. I would like to see the ability to select a number of pictures and change the IPTC data for them all at once.

5. There is the possibility to add categories and keywords to images via IPTC data. It would be very nice if all previous entered keywords & categories would be shown, to be selected.

6. It would be nice to see an option adding categories and keywords to the EXIF information, after which the IPTC data will be less usefull to me. If combined with the great cam2pc automatic import procedure, this makes it easy to fill the EXIF information (keywords, categories) for all images. It even would make live easier if all entered keywords and categories could be easily choosen from during the downloading of images. So, I know there is a ´comment´ field, but this is unstructered.

7. If you load a template IPTC, than it starts with its imagename. You need to remove it first and then type your own.

8. The tooltip is showing some EXIF information if your mouse is going over an image within the folder view. The ´cam2pc Image file format´ isn´t very usefull. Maybe ´JPG, GIF, TIFF´ is better. Most of the information is being introduced, like ´ISO:´, some are not, like the date/time and the filesize. I don´t know if it is possible, but printing the values bold would make reading easier.

Although the list is long, I love cam2pc. I recommend this to everyone with a digital camera I know :-).

Kind regards,
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