Feature request : Image transfer separates jpeg's from Raw

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Feature request : Image transfer separates jpeg's from Raw

Postby kiig » Thu Mar 03, 2005 2:57 pm

I often do this : I put my CF card in the reader, - and have Cam2PC transfer everything, - using file renaming and directory creation along the way, - works great! - nice and fast workflow.

Then I create a catalogue in the newly created folder, - typically called RAW, - and move all my raw images into that folder, - so I'll end up with correctly renamed jpeg's and Raw files, - in separate folders.

I assume that people shooting Raw + jpeg could benefit from having this automated ? or is it just me ? :-) (and I assume a lot of the high-end cameras can do this ??)

My camera (Eos 1D) makes jpg + tiff files, - I assume Nikon and others produce other files (.cr2 ?), - so it should be possible to put jpeg's in one folder (which I assume allmost all digital cameras creates), - and maybe have a small checkbox indicating to move everything else one level further down, into a subfolder.. called raw, - hires, - non_jpeg or whatever....

I mean, - it's not a big thing to do this manually, - but if others might benefit from the idea at least, - I thought I'd post it here.

thanx again for a great piece of software, - though I have access to a lot of other image viewing/organizing programs I allways end up with Cam2PC again whenever I feel like testing the 'competition'... :-)
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