Cam2pc and Sony F828

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Cam2pc and Sony F828

Postby andy » Tue Feb 15, 2005 9:56 am

Any help with the following would be most welcome....

I shoot Sony RAW (SRF files) with the camera in sepia mode because it helps me to visualise the final black and white image (I only do black and white). The camera records a colour RAW file as an SRF and a sepia JPEG alongside. So there are two imagea for every exposure, with the same number but different extension ie DSCN00020.JPG and DSCN00020.JPG.

When I open the folder containing these images they all appear as sepia thumbnails, even though the SRF files are RAW. If I click to enlarge or manipulate the SRF's they come up in colour... but back in the thumbnail browser they remain stubbornly sepia! Why is this - can it be changed so the sepia appear sepia and the SRF's as colour?

I don't like to connect the camera to the PC. Instead I take the CF card and put it in the PC's card reader, where it appears as drive E. Can I configure cam2pc so that it auto detects the insertion of a valid CF card (one with images on) because it doesn't seem to do it at the moment.

If I can get this to work I'll move off the tryware version...

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