Some proposals/remarks

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Some proposals/remarks

Postby Pieter » Thu Jan 20, 2005 8:57 pm


I've been working more intense with (my photo's and hence) cam2pc. I used version 4.5 mainly. I've written down a few minors that annoy me:

1. I'd like to have the shortcut "/" for "remove from album" available also in full screen mode.

2. I'd like to have an "edit with" (in the right mouse click popum menu) from the album view. Now I have to first do "browse to" and then "edit with".

3. When selecting photo's in the album view, I'd like the status bar to be updated mentionning the number of photo's and total size of those foto's. Or some other way to get this info. (Usefull e.g. to know the number of photo's im my album.)

4. In the enhance tool, when I have crop selected, the tool always shows a crop frame. Even after I cropped, it shows a new crop frame, distirbing my view. Then when I press save, it asks me if I want to crop, which I obviously don't as I just did. (I like the prompt as such though) I find that annoying. I'd prefer the Photoshop way: No crop ongoing unless I make a selection.

5. I'd like a third zoom button in the enhance tool. After making a selection, it zooms to fit the selection maximum size. Making the selection may be confusing with the current behaviour of "red eye removal" and "crop". I could live with being disabled in that case. Allthough I'm particularly interested because of the combination with red eye removal.

6. I'd like an option for external editors (a flag) to send the selected photo's one by one. Actually some editors only allow one argument or ignore the other photos,... (e.g. Neat Image) Sending one by one opens several instances or, in my case, simply works, as it will see that the editor is allready running and send it to that one.

7. I like the prompt to replace the original with the edited file after enhancing the tool. I understand it can't work like that with external editors, but nevertheless, I'm wondering if I couldn't get something similar. E.g. if a new file with name %f.*.%e (<filename without extension><any chars or _>.<extension>) of an existing file appears in the same directory, it could prompt to ask if this needs to replace the current in the album...

8. Album import and export. Actually I have a script for that now. It saves exported albums (same as the cam2pc one, but with relative paths) with the pictures as cam2pc.albums.exported. and reverse... Usefull to keep my albums with my pictures on CD and also usefull when copying from desktop to laptop or reverse.

As you can see, these are nice to have.


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