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Postby netnichols » Tue Jan 18, 2005 11:32 pm

I know having a calendar view was brought up in the Roadmap thread, but I wondered if there was any kind of plan already.

After waiting and waiting and waiting, Picasa2 finally came out. Even though it has some *wicked* eye candy, I still prefer Cam2pc and ACDSee.

So now that I'm officially down to those two, it's ACDSee's Calendar view that tips the scales, no matter how much I prefer Cam2pc's style.

Therefore, I was just hoping to get some feedback on a timeline for a calendar view in Cam2pc. If one doesn't exist, or it is more than a few weeks down the road, I'll completely understand. I just would like to know, cause even if I end up getting ACDSee, I'll still be anxiously monitoring Cam2pc.

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