Crop feature behaves strange under Vers. 4.5

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Crop feature behaves strange under Vers. 4.5

Postby wannerlaufer » Fri Jan 07, 2005 12:46 pm


crop feature has been changed once again and...once again I am not to happy with it.

Once I´ve selected a frame to crop a pic and choose "apply" to crop a new selection frame is immedeatly shown. Not nescessary if you ask me it only confuses me. Moreover when I save the cropped picture the program asks me wether I want to crop before I save. Anwering "yes" crops the picture for a second time which is in 99 % of the cases unwanted.

Under previous versions once you had applied the crop frame to the pic this second frame did not appear which was much more sensible than the current function.

so please get that right...

btw: I love other new features such as the possiblity to overwrite files in the enhance modus, saves me a lot of typing and clicking, and the enhanded red eye feature is much better... so keep on working
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