basic SMIL presentation from cam2pc album

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basic SMIL presentation from cam2pc album

Postby Pieter » Sun Dec 05, 2004 10:20 pm


Just FYI, I spent my sunday experimenting and I've made a small perl script, accessible on

It looks into the cam2pc albums file, prompts to choose an album and then generates a smil presentation for it. (As cam2pc's built in html generators would do). Presentation will use a fade transition, 4s for each pic and 1s transition time. Pretty much what I get from cam2pc.
Tried with AMBULANT player and reported some bugs, 2 of which would need to be resolved to meet the cam2pc quality.

Intention was obviously to play with the flashy SMIL features that aren't part of cam2pc (I don't believe it's cam2pc core business either, for 95% of my photos, cam2pc's album and slideshow are sufficient and user friendly.)[/url]
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