feature request and praise

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feature request and praise

Postby smithcferg » Tue Nov 30, 2004 4:30 pm

As always, you do a marvelous job of updating and upgrading your software.

I am excited to here you are planning on going in the direction of better image management with the 5.0 series. (categories,etc.) There are a lot of image manipulation programs available, and cam2pc would be redundant in my opinion if it became just another one, but . . . going in the direction of good media management sounds great.

1) Having a great media management database would be my most important feature request. Being able to save groups of revised pics together, online and offline fllexible album saving with search capabilities, etc. Especially neat would be some of the visual search capabilities such as Imatch has.

2) I really like and use the thumbnails you've included in the image downloader now. Sometimes I am not sure how to describe my shots so I expand the dialogue box. It has been very useful for accurately pegging the photos to the proper events. The photo thumbnail quality is poor, though. Any chance you can increase the resolution so that I can make out details better?

3) there are times when we would like some way to optionally seperate folder downloads by something other than a date time frame. An example would be a photographer who takes portrait shots on a scheduled hourly basis. (Not me) They would probably like to have a new folder started every hour. Or someone who is taking groups of pics during a day punctuated with inactivity(this was me while house hunting, I took pics of houses - each pic prob with 12 mins of the last, a 30 min gap in time would be minimum transport time to new home ) Being able to have any photo more than x mins apart from the last photo start a new folder could be very useful. Or some way for the photographer to signal a new sequence manually while photographying? Hope this makes sense.

Loving the shareware version of your product, you do a great, great job of keeping your product maintained and upgraded, better than most commercial companies I have seen, and you listen to your customers!


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