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Postby Joost » Sat Nov 13, 2004 3:41 pm

Maybe add an extra option for the Red Eye Removal:
Besides the Adjust detection strength an option for the "replacement" color.
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Future of cam2pc

Postby Christian » Sun Nov 28, 2004 9:10 pm

Hi Nabocorp,

a few comments from me to your road map. I appreciate cam2pc as a great program to download pictures from my digital camera and quickly view and find them. I use the rotate and the printing features and sort pictures in albums. I rarely use the enhance-features since I rather prefer a "real" imaging program (I use Corel Photo Paint) for this.

Therefore, I really like your idea of including search facilities, calendar view and keyword tagging in cam2pc. I would not care much for more image editing functions.

If you include tagging, I would have [b]one big wish[/b]: easy ("one click") tagging!

I have looked at many, many programs for image management. Most are very complex and include lots of functions I don't need. But not one of them had an easy way for tagging! Most have you drag and drop or opening context menus and selecting items.

I would have the following easy idea: what I would call "one click" tagging. Have a way to select and "turn on" a tag (e.g. "Flowers") and then simply click once on all the pictures that should get the tag! No complicated multi-selection (where I always lose my selection...).

I don't know why no progam offers this?

I think if cam2pc moves in this direction I (and maybe many others) would not need an extra image management program...

Greetings and keep up the good work!

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Postby leolu » Sun Dec 05, 2004 4:11 pm

On my wishlist for the moment :

- IPTC keying enhancement (already mentioned in ather post)
A mutiple image IPTC edition feature. I know it's not obvious, but you can check out what PixVue has done (great!). One of the other great features of PixVue you could add is the "auto-filling" of keywords while IPTC editing.

- A way to handle multiple cameras without reconfiguring the soft (I have a Sony T1 and a Canon G1)

- A way to change the replacement color in the red eye correction tool

- An option not to have an "autoplay" on movies

- .. and please keep the whole thing as clear and simple as it is ..

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Pay features

Postby Pieter » Sun Dec 05, 2004 6:26 pm

Haven't been out here for a while. Still using cam2pc though.

I appreciate your question (and your SW, using now 4.4.0).

For 4.x:
- I agree with Jan Paul: tagging and searching the tags may be great, but slow unless cached (optionally) in a db, as for the thumbnails. After all, I believe tagging is a feature that many people are looking for.
- I also have few minors with the albums:
+ Would appreciate to have a separate (or possibly common) zoom (thumbnail size choice) for the albums. They may scroll very small, even smaller then they appear now, but sometimes I'd have liked to be able zooming in.
+ Would like to have some sort of copy/paste within the album. I'm having some rather large albums and sometimes need to move a photo quite a bit. How I do it now is move a bit, scroll, move a bit more, ... or browse to phto, remove from album, re-add to album by drag and drop into proper place.
- HTML slideshow generation without resizing/moving photo's.

For 5.x: Features I'd pay for (fair shareware price)
- Archiving/Duplication control:
+ Option to transfer to some media (CD or set of CD's or DVD's or...) of a given size a selected set of photo's and folders, with automatic fitting, keeping folders together as much as possible
+ Add a file that makes sure the medium can be recognised (byID) when inserted again
+ Optionally add all of the database (thumbnails,...) related to these photo's for fast viewing.
+ Optionally transfer any album or all albums that match all of the selected photo's with it. As because of the nature of CD's,... paths in the created album file should be relative vs. the root of the CD.
+ Optionally transfer an album content (allready supported) together with an album file.
+ Import (on another PC) or restore all these things, including albums,...
+ Keep track wich files are archived and onto which medium (by the unique ID) optionally keep some spare on these media for later updates. Show which files have been updated/modified since the transfer/backup...

I believe quite some users are looking for this kind of features. The others are not having a lot of photo's or are not aware that harddisks may crash or simply are rich anough to buy redundand equipment...

- SMIL slideshow creation tool that uses the same thumbnail database as cam2pc. SMIL is an open standard pretty much like flash. Allows timing of all kind, text overlays, transitions, music,... Slowly evolving into having decent viewers available, including one open source (AMBULANT). I like the open standard as it kind of assures my slideshows' life and encourages open devellopment. Slideshow creator for me should combine what I have now in cam2pc albums (easy thumbnail drag and drop) with other enhanced features (transition timing per photo, text overlays, music timing, zooming out, showing different photo's next to each other,...) Available SW I found was rather useless or too expensive.
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what about fixing hot/dead pixels in the movies?

Postby huzin » Sat Feb 12, 2005 11:18 pm

Firstly, I\\\'d like to congratulate great software product, CAM2PC. I\\\'m software engineer myself, and I\\\'d like to be able to do software in the same, simple, elegant and useful way, as you do.
And now back to the roadmap: what do you think of a possibility to remove hot/dead pixels from the movies? Since some of the movies saved by cameras are in MJPEG format, it looks feasible. I currently have such a problem in my camera (Minolta Z5) and it looks there is no such a solution on the market...
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Any news on 5.0?

Postby martin10018 » Tue Mar 01, 2005 11:22 am

Just curious. Are there any news on 5.0, especially the timeframe?

I consider buying Photoshop Album since I have to get some kind of organisation into my pictures. Since some of PA's functions are planned for 5.0 I would like know about the *planned* release date.
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really appreciate your listening to us!

Postby smithcferg » Tue Mar 01, 2005 11:31 am

Thanks for the great program. It keeps getting better.

The main thing I would like to see in the future development of your program is major emphasis on image management. There are many programs available
for graphic editing, slide shows, etc. No need for more of the same. There are much fewer that do a good job of straightforward image management.

Please keep in mind the human capacity towards laziness when you think of expanding in the area of image management. There is a reason why most people carefully take hundreds of pictures, yet so often they end up in dozens of shoeboxes, unlabeled and forgotten.

1. I think that a image management program should help encourage the categorization process along. It needs to be as easy as possible to use. For example, if you use drop down fields for categories, you could have the field sorted by categories most used at top. How about a pattern/color recognition algorithm that searches previously tagged pictures, looking for pics with similar characteristics to the one being categorized, that offers a list of categories from those pictures that are close matches? Also, the entry of one category (Location, for example) could influence what might be offered as a another category (People at Location). Perhaps the program could decide what would be the most likely coupled categories based on previous usage.

2. As one fellow said, it needs to be bombproof. And backups are important. (Automatic - people are too careless in this area.)

3. There needs to be a way to transfer categorization/indexing data to other well known and respected image management progs. I would say this is important because your customers need to know they will have an out, should they decide to jump ship and go to another program down the road. Or perhaps they would like to have two image management progs, but just enter data in one.

4. I think the image management data entry somehow needs to be as fun as possible, and that would be a challenge!

5. I think there needs to be expanded album support.

6. I think extensive search capabilities are important. Including pattern/color recognition search capabilities. "Imatch" by Photools has this feature in their image management system.

Keep up the good work. Awesome program.

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Re: Any news on 5.0?

Postby nabocorp » Wed Mar 02, 2005 10:43 am

martin10018 wrote:Just curious. Are there any news on 5.0, especially the timeframe?
I consider buying Photoshop Album since I have to get some kind of organisation into my pictures. Since some of PA's functions are planned for 5.0 I would like know about the *planned* release date.


5.0 is not going very fast and I am not able to give any planned release date yet. It is extremely unlikely that this will happen before summer.

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Re: Any news on 5.0?

Postby chas6000 » Wed Mar 02, 2005 5:20 pm

nabocorp wrote:
martin10018 wrote:Just curious. Are there any news on 5.0, especially the timeframe?
I consider buying Photoshop Album since I have to get some kind of organisation into my pictures. Since some of PA's functions are planned for 5.0 I would like know about the *planned* release date.


5.0 is not going very fast and I am not able to give any planned release date yet. It is extremely unlikely that this will happen before summer.


Great Product! and thanks for this post! It is very helpful to know even this amt of information!
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Suggestions / wishes for 5.0

Postby Mike2005 » Sat Apr 16, 2005 7:32 pm

I felt a little unhappy with ACDSee (mainly because it does\'nt support IPTC), so I tested some other picture management tools, also Cam2pc. It\'s quite close to what I\'m looking for.
But there are some wishes left, perhaps for version 5:

1) More integration of IPTC to the workflow: showing IPTC fields in the exif pane within the browser, so you don\'t have to open the IPTC editor dialog for each picture you want to know IPTC data.

2) An opportunity to change IPTC data for several files at the same time. (There should be a check box next to each field so you don\'t overwrite data you don\'t want to e overwritten.)

3) An optional second text line (besides the file name) with the IPTC caption under each thumbnail.

4) An opportunity to let me choose which EXIF (and IPTC) data should be shown in the EXIF pane because there are too much EXIF fields having no meaning for managing photos.

5) I\'d wish the IPTC editor dialog not to be modal so you can choose pictures without closing the dialog box.

6) RAW images (Canon RAW) having Portrait orientation now are displayed as Landscape.

Nevertheless cam2pc is a really great tool and perhaps I\'ll choose a future version to manage my photos with.

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Postby spuri » Mon Apr 18, 2005 9:41 pm

thanks for this great prog I am about to register because I would like to catalogize my fotos

what i have already suggested to support more than one cameras at the same time... i know with 2 win user this can be done now
but for example i have 3 cameras canon a85 - canon G3 - HP 945
i don't know if these could be identified by serial or something simililar
but that could be enough if i could select from the list of my cams
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Enhance option@

Postby mathijs » Sun May 15, 2005 12:16 am


It would be great to have the ability to rotate pictures, so if the horizon is not 100% horizontal, that it can be adjusted. This is what I´m missing most wihtin the Enhance functionality.

Kind regards,
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Postby hmoulding » Tue Jun 07, 2005 6:26 pm

Just chiming in to note that I got the program mostly to create a slideshow. It's been pretty much the only program that does what I want it to do. Good job, there.

I see that 5.0 is supposed to provide some sort of control over the attached audio file. That's a good idea. Perhaps there can be some sort of way that you can play the audio and create cues (e.g. click the mouse) that the program records and uses to advance the slideshow? How about attaching more than one audio file?

I like that the slideshow can show image comments. It'd be even better if one could add text boxes, call-outs, or even clipart to individual slides. (Without using a graphics editor to modify the slides, I mean.)
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Postby gryff » Mon Jun 13, 2005 8:54 am

Cam2pc has a good integrated downloader. Has nabocorp any plans to transform it to a standalone application?
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Postby aeon » Tue Jun 14, 2005 3:39 pm

I have been using the build slideshow feature as a way of distributing images for presentations rather than use Powerpoint. This makes me think it might be a good idea to have an 'indefinite delay' option. Currently I set 999 seconds so that the slides are manually advanced but eventually this times out.

Also it would be great (but perhaps only of interest to me?) if slides could be zoomed and panned in the same way as using the excellent cam2pc viewer. E.g. enable the keys 1, 2, 3 and = for zooming and click and drag for panning. Next and previous keys could remain for moving between slides. Spacebar should remain as next.

BTW on IPTC issues I don't think I have mentioned that I use iMatch for this as it is a very powerful tool with a scripting language for performing batch processing. Worth looking into if IPTC is an area to be enhanced though it is probable that it would not be sensible for Cam2PC to go as far. Better to keep simplicity and speed!! in iMatch the power is a bit up front and rather daunting.
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