New ideas for improvements

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New ideas for improvements

Postby hussonl » Tue Aug 03, 2004 11:38 pm

Hi Nabocorp,

cam2pc is a very nice software, and each day, I discover new functionnalities.
For example, I've searched for a long time a PHP script to create a web gallery of my pictures, and 5 days after I've seen that after inserting files in an album I can create a web gallery. Cool !

So I've some ideas to improve again and again this tool :

1/ When displaying pictures in full screen mode, if the EXIF comment contain "Line Feeds", they are replaced by 2 "squares". It's not very beautiful !

2/ In the same way, if a comment is too long, it's not displayed enterely on the screen. Can you split this long line in smaller ones by adding "line feeds" ?

3/ In full screen mode, if we modify EXIF information (i.e. "Comment"), when we save these informations, they're not refreshed on the current picture.

4/ When creating a Web gallery, can you add, below the picture, the EXIF comment (the best is, if you can let the user choose which informations he'd like to display !) and the same comment as a tooltiptext for each picture in the thumbnails frame.

Best regards from Grenoble
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