Picture create/modify attributes

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Picture create/modify attributes

Postby LOM » Sat Jul 03, 2004 10:22 am

I am using cam2pc mostly to modify the file names to reflect the date and time picture was created for database purposes. However, occassionally when I run the program ro rename files it resets the date modified/created to todays date and time, ie I have a file with the correct date and time reflected in teh name, but on the actual file attributes it has been reset. Also, when I send the picture by e-mail (ie right click and choose send to e-mail, and minimize) it resets the attributes to todays date and time. Therefore, when I get the picture on another computer it no longer reflects the time and date the actual picture was taken.

Also, I'm still using "My Pictures" with various subfolders (ie year/event etc) to archive my pictures, but have noticed that all my pictures (even ones not created with cam2pc) are being identified as cam2pc pictures. Does cam2pc reset the default imager viewer on the entire computer?

Thank you.
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