Problems with EXIF data modification

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Problems with EXIF data modification

Postby » Wed Jun 30, 2004 5:52 pm

I tried adding some EXIF comments to my images, and found the following problems:

1. Thumbnail view -> Ctrl+E -> Edit comment -> Save and Close. This causes a 5-second delay after the dialog closes. If I do "Save and Next", it completes immediately. Close without saving also has the delay. This is clearly a bug in that Cam2pc does something unnecessary after closing the EXIF dialog.

2. While viewing an image in Full Screen, Ctrl+E and "Save and Next" doesn't work. The picture shown in Full Screen doesn't change to the next picture, only the picture I edit in the EXIF dialog changes! This makes the EXIF dialog virtually useless in Full Screen mode.

3. Same as above in thumbnail view. When clicking "Save and Next", the thumbnail view should move focus to the same picture that is edited in the EXIF dialog. While doing this, the thumbnail view would also scroll to the next picture. Now I have to close the EXIF dialog after processing one screenfull of images, scroll down, and open the EXIF dialog again.

4. The EXIF Comment field can contain multiple lines. I know I can enter linefeeds there with Ctrl+ENTER, but it would be better if ENTER alone would do the same thing. Now ENTER does the "Save and Close" action.

5. Same as above in the "Add Comment" dialog. Here the EXIF Comment field is so big, that I consider the current behaviour of ENTER a bug...

6. "Add Comment" (Shift+C) is a useful function that could be available in Full Screen mode as well.

All in all, I find Cam2pc's EXIF support to be very good. In fact, it was the main reason why I purchased Cam2pc!
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