Feature request: part-downloads

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Feature request: part-downloads

Postby Christian » Tue Nov 19, 2002 9:24 pm


I like cam2pc very much and think it's a great program. I use the browser pretty often, but the downloader is almost unusable for me because of one missing feature:

I usually leave some old pictures on my CF cards because I am paranoid of losing data. I only erase pictures from the card after I have burned them on CD which can sometimes take a few weeks...

Thus I really need to only download a PART of the pictures from the camera, but this is not possible in cam2pc (unfortunately).

Now I don't know how easy it would be to implement, but it would be really useful for me. One easy (from a user point of view) way to work this in would be: when the prompt comes up for a new folder name (by creating folder per date (range)) there could be a checkbox to select if the pictures of this date (range) should be downloaded or not.

What do others think about this? What do you say, nabocorp?

Thanks for listening and regards

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Postby nabocorp » Wed Nov 20, 2002 11:35 am


maybe "Skip" and "Skip remaining" buttons could be added in the prompt dialog...

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partial downloads revisited

Postby smithcferg » Mon Dec 02, 2002 8:39 am

I agree this would be a great feature.

It would be most helpful to be able to preview the pictures for the day we are downloading so we could select which of them we want to download. If all the pics for a day open up in the image browser during a downloader operation, the user could select which pics he/she wants to download for that day.

A "skip/skip all" feature would seem to be more cumbersome - if for example I had 50 pics for one day, and I wanted to download 3 or 4 of them, I would have to skip my way through all of the pics I didn't want to download until I finally got to those few I did want to download.

Frankly, it would help me a lot to be able to see the images I am downloading with adjustable (translated, larger) thumbnail sizes too, for better pic identification. My eyesight isn't as keen as it used to be.

Thanks for the excellent product.
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