Manipulating Browser with keyboard

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Manipulating Browser with keyboard

Postby hussonl » Tue Apr 27, 2004 11:38 am

Hi (again),

In the Browser (pictures displayed as thumbnail and not in a list), if I click on a picture (it's selected and appear in the preview window) and then press (on the Keyboard) RIGHT, the following picture is selected too, until the last picture of the line.

1/ Can you add the possibility to select the first picture on the next line, and so on ?

2/ Can you manage the keys "END" and "HOME" to select all files after/before the first selected files ?

3/ In the status bar, can you indicate how many pictures, videos, sub-directories are in this directory, instead of only "xx object(s)" ?
And add the number of selected elements (pictures, videos, ...) if at least one element is selected !

Best regards
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