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Postby hussonl » Tue Apr 27, 2004 11:25 am

Hi Nabocorp,

New functionnalities of v4.3 about video are really impressive.
I've tested successfully, but I've some minor display bugs.

1/ In the Browser window, after selecting a video file, if I press on CTRL+RIGHT, I obtain a warning (Width, height and number of images /seconds ...) and when I click on OK, I've "Input a number" twice with only "OK" and then I get the window where I can choose codecs, size, img/sec, ...
But the Combo field "Pict/sec" contain a strange value "1.46692e+006"
Maybe this is the problem (Maybe it's because cam2pc can't extract this value from the video file; I've tested with the video found on Internet !)

If, in this window, I change the video type (AVI, MPEG, ...), I obtain again these both warning messages, until I select a valid value in the combo.

2/ Can you modify the text in the title bar of this window according if we :
- convert only the movie (into an other format)
- rotate on left (+90)
- rotate on right (-90)
- rotate +180°
- invert left-right
- invert top-bottom
Currently, it's always written "Convert the movie"

3/ After converting a video (i.e. rotating right), the preview window can't display pictures but only videos !!!
To correct I need to quit cam2pc Explorer, and to close the Tray Icon and launch again and pictures are displayed in the preview window.

Best regards
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