Improvement request for this quite usefull piece of code

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Improvement request for this quite usefull piece of code

Postby hhecq » Wed Mar 31, 2004 2:51 pm


I've tested the new 4.2 version and the upgrade was successfull (I keep all my previous settings).
Thanks for removing the delete MOV bug :lol:

I am now using your software for most of the normal activities related to my digital camera:

:arrow: downloading the pictures is now fully automated
:arrow: first look MUST be done with your software because of the great image quality in full screen
:arrow: other activity like small changes in images, renaming, moving, looking...

but I found some functionality missing at certain point :idea: so could you add the following :?: :

:arrow: a rename function in full screen mode (I always decide to keep an image or to rename it at this time. I am currently using Irfanview to do it.)
:arrow: resizing of the image should be available when enhancing the image.
:arrow: can you trim the filename at download time: i've put a prompt for description at the end of my filenames but I let it empty sometimes. Then I get a blank at the end of each filenames. If I use another software to modify the image, he will save the image without the blank...

Keep on the good work ! :D
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