Black square and other reports !

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Black square and other reports !

Postby hussonl » Fri Mar 05, 2004 2:32 pm


1/ I have a minor display bug in cam2pc.
In fact I think it's the same problem that occured in MyFolders and which have been corrected in v1.2.

In cam2pc, I've setup that my editor is Paint Shop Pro.
So in Options, I've "PSP" and on the left the icon (displayed correctly).

But in the picture explorer, when I right-click on a picture, the icon of PSP that appear in the contextual menu is converted as a black square.

If it not too late, can you do the same change you did for MyFolders ?

2/ For the French translation, in the Enhance window, one label is not displayed fully "Conserver les données E".
Can you put instead "Garder les données EXIF" (or something else if you have an other idea !)

3/ Can you add a 'slider' for setting the JPEG quality in the Convert window, as it's done in the Resize window ?

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