Bug report (I think)

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Bug report (I think)

Postby ilgaspa » Wed Feb 18, 2004 9:27 am

I don't know if it is a bug, since cam2pc doesn't support raw formats... anyway:
when i use cam2pc to download pictures from my camera (canon powershot s45) it shows in the "pictures selection" window standard pics and canon raw pics.
While the standard pics are downloaded correctly, the .crw aren't. Stored with every crw file on the cam there is a thm file that, besides from the crw thumbnail, contains the complete exif data (much more than the data stored in the crw exif tag). This data is needed for high quality raw conversion.
Cam2pc downloads correctly the crw file, but leaves on the cam the thm file (worse if i choose to delete the downloaded pics from the cam... the thm is left here and the only way to remove it is to format the compactflash)...
Is there any way to tell cam2pc to download the thm togheter with the crw or i have to wait for a newer version?
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