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download only new files / problems with download path

PostPosted: Wed Feb 04, 2004 10:52 pm
by biastoch

I just tried to play around with cam2pc (v. 4.1.1) which seems work great with my Canon Powershot A80. For downloading pictures I use a (PC card) cardreader.
However, there are two things that prevent me from dumping the original Canon Zoombrowser Ex software and to switch completely (':('). Maybe someone has a simple solution for these problems:

(1) For backup reasons I do not delete pictures on the CF card. The Canon software is able to detect new files (by a flag from the camera) and to download only these. Is that possbile with cam2pc?

(2) The pictures are stored on the CF card in subdirectories E:\DCIM\???CANON (where ??? is a triple-digit number). But is also contains a directory E:\DCIM\CANONMISC that contains some additional information for the camera. Since I specify E:\DCIM as download path ("From") these files are always downloaded as well. It does not seem to be possbile to specify E:\DCIM\*CANON or so as a download path?

Thanks for any suggestion.