Suggestions for improvement (minor)

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Suggestions for improvement (minor)

Postby David Tong » Tue Dec 31, 2002 10:27 pm

Dear Nabocorp,

Here are a few minor points that you might like to consider when you do the next revision. They are things that puzzled me a bit when I started using cam2pc and which made it a bit harder to introduce to a non-technical user (my wife).

Mostly though, Cam2pc is great - especially at the price :wink:

1. Using ‘%P’ for both folder and file naming, gets a bit confusing because it's easy to forget whether you are entering part of a folder name or part of a file name. It would be nice to use a different prompt for each of these two cases.

2. I use Thumbsplus or Imatch for organising my pictures. It would be great if cam2pc would open these programs for me instead of Explorer, after it has downloaded the images. In other words, in the 'Download' window could you offer the option to ‘open the destination folder in’ a preselected application instead of only in Explorer?

3. The ‘to…’ window in the download screen can be a bit misleading because it does not reflect changes in the name of the destination directory that might have been made during the last download.

4. Some of the tool bar icons (e.g. ‘cut’ and 'refresh') don’t show their description when the cursor hovers on them.

5. If you download new pictures while the browser function is open, the pictures in the new folder appear correctly in the right hand pane, but the folder tree is not updated and does not show the new folder. You have to manually click on the ‘refresh’ icon. It would be less confusing (more WYSIWYG) if the refresh were automatic.

Probably you have already considered all these things. If not, I hope you find the comments constructive.
David Tong
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