Date mask for file renaming works with Casio but not Olympus

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Date mask for file renaming works with Casio but not Olympus

Postby David Tong » Tue Dec 31, 2002 9:46 pm

I’m using Cam2pc to copy files to Windows 2000 from an Olympus 1400XL (via a SmartMedia USB card reader) and a Casio Exilim 2 (via a SD-card USB card reader).

With the ‘Initialise date with transfer date’ box ticked, and using the mask ‘%y%m%d’, I expected the current date to appear in both the new folder name and the new filename. And with the Casio this is exactly what happens - and also with Olympus folder names. But the problem is with Olympus file names. They all end up with an inserted date of 800101.

If I tick the ‘Get date for each individual picture’ instead of 'Initialise date with transfer date’, not just Olympus filenames, but also Olympus folder names have 800101 inserted.

'Properties' of the copied-over Olympus files shows the ‘Creation Date’ as blank, whereas on the Casio files the date seems to be the date at which I do the copying.

Could it be that Cam2pc gets flummoxed when faced with an empty date field?

Meanwhile - despite this - cam2pc remains an extremely useful piece of software. Much appreciated!

(And Happy New Year to all).
David Tong
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