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Add EXIF Comments (without overwriting existing comments)

PostPosted: Mon Sep 29, 2008 4:08 am
by wippel
I would like to be able to add exif comments to a file without removing the existing comments.

For example, I have a folder of pictures that are all from my vacation. So I select all and type \\\"vacation\\\" in the comment field. Then there are some in the set which are in Paris so I select them all and press the comment button and the existing comment \\\"vacation\\\" is displayed and I can add \\\"paris\\\". I do the same for pictures of London. So some pictures have vacation,paris and some have vacation, london. Now I want to add the comment \\\"children\\\" on all the vacation photos that have children in them. However, I have photos of children from both Paris and London. So when I select the photos and press comments, it says \\\"The selection contains different comments. Edit here to change the comment of all the files at once.\\\" so if I type in children, I lose the vacation, paris and vacation, london.

I would like to be able to add the comment children to all the comments even if they are different.

Any ideas? Seems there should be a way to concatenate comments to existing ones when the existing comments are different.