Is a different sorting for filenames possible?

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Is a different sorting for filenames possible?

Postby frochi42 » Mon Jan 21, 2008 5:39 pm

I noticed that cam2pc has a different sorting algorithm as e.g. Windows. Given three file names img_1.jpg, img_10.jpg and img_100.jpg. They are ordered against the natural ordering (i.e. img_100.jpg comes first). Consequently, when starting a slide show, the images are not shown in their natural ordering. Unfortunately, my camera numbers the images in exactly that way, which always results in showing my pictures in a wrong order.
Note: When listing these images within a Windows explorer, the order is correct (i.e. natural).
Is there a way to change the way cam2pc orders the images? If not, is it possible to add a configuration option? I would appreciate that!
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