New version 4.6.0 crashes when downloading from card reader

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New version 4.6.0 crashes when downloading from card reader

Postby freddycam » Tue Jul 17, 2007 9:52 pm

After I figured that Mr. Nabo Corp wasn\'t supporting cam2pc anymore I got used to the idea that I would have to live with 4.5.2 forever, despite its very annoying sidecar file renaming bug.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a new version posted when I checked the website today. So I tried 4.6.0 right away and went straight back to 4.5.2, because the downloader simply doesn't work anymore.

I only use the downloader function in the free version. I configure the renaming pattern to be Y-%m-%d %{substr:4:4}.%{ext} and specify H:\\DCIM\\ as my downloading source path.

The new version 4.6.0 simply crashes at that stage. Zaappppp! and it\'s gone. The older version had no problems downloading from a card reader.

And one more question to nabocorp - is there a way to configure the downloader to simply download from a card reader without having to plug in your camera at least once? When installing from scratch, there seems to be no way past the set-up wizard and that has no option for downloading from a directory (a card reader is nothing more than a disc drive on the system).
I even forgot where my camera USB cable was - I never want to use it ever again. Downloading via USB connection is slow and silly. My card reader is 10x as fast.

ok, rant over. I am glad that a new version is out. It shows something is happening. And I will check back at this site more regularly and try out the next version. So far 4.6.0 has been a dud.

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Postby solenostomus » Tue Jul 17, 2007 10:09 pm

The downloader works in the 4.6.1 trial version. Is there going to be a free edition ?

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