Absolutely no support - CRAP!

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Absolutely no support - CRAP!

Postby Jem » Tue Jul 17, 2007 11:57 am

I give up. cam2pc is coming OFF my machine. It crashes constantly and there is no response at all from nabocorp. Shame - this software has potential, but with bugs and no effort at all to help users who have spent money on the paid version, it's useless.
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Postby etan » Wed Jul 25, 2007 1:53 pm


I totally agree with you.
I bought this software because it had for me the best photo-downloader I ever found (except perhaps these from big players like Adobe, Aperture, ...).
I found a bug in the version 4.6.0 of cam2pc with my Nikon D70s (all the exifs where corrupted). After many trials to contact Nabocorp, he made a new version (4.6.1) ... but this version was until yet never published!
I find this situation really uncomfortable. Can we always rely on this software? Or do we have to choose another one to be sure to have correct support? ...

It is a nice piece of software at a really fair price.
Nabocorp, move!
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Postby Jem » Wed Jul 25, 2007 2:03 pm

It's a shame, but I doubt you'll get any response. cam2pc is nice software but it's very buggy, and the guy hasn't got the time to dedicate to correcting the issues. Frankly I can't understand his attitude because cam2pc gets rave reviews. That, of course, is why people like us download it, only to find there's bugger all support, which is not acceptable. He should either let this software go Open Source or sell the rights to someone who'll do the right thing. Seems to me he just keeps hanging in there and won't do anything, despite his paid up users clamouring for attention.

I'm afraid I've now gone with Photoshop Elements 5, which is the only other software I find acceptable for this purpose. The downloader isn't bad to be honest and I can do most of what I want. If Nabocorp reappears and puts the problems right, I would actually consider using it again, but for now I've uninstalled it as I said I would - it's not usable due to the multiple crashes.

Over to you...
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Postby solenostomus » Fri Jul 27, 2007 5:52 pm

I hope that people who can't support a well-liked piece of software anymore have the decency to put the source code up on sourceforge, so other can continue the good work.

I really like cam2pc and I would love to get my teeth stuck in the code to get rid of some annoying bugs, but as it is there's nothing we can do.
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