Windows Vista Security Message at System Startup

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Windows Vista Security Message at System Startup

Postby theHalo » Tue Jul 17, 2007 9:12 am


I run cam2pc (Ver 4.6, german, registered) now on my Windows Vista Notebook.

I keep getting the following security message whenever I start up the computer:

»Bedingt durch den Sicherheitsmechanismus von Windows Vista, könnte
cam2pc Ihre Genehmigung abfordern, um Systemoperationen
auszuführen. In diesem Fall gehen Sie die Dialoge durc und klicken <Erlauben> an.«

But even though I activate the option »Nicht wieder anzeigen« (Do not show again) every time the message appears it keeps popping up at every system start (and none of the security messages by Windows Vista mentioned in the cam2pc message appear whatsoever).

It is not a really big problem for sure. But it is quite nagging and seems unnecessary.

Is there any way to turn the message off permanently (other than activating the non working option in the message)? Maybe at least some work-around like editing some settings file?

Thanks for your help,,thorsten
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Postby Ardwych » Thu Feb 07, 2008 6:28 pm

You\'ve limited you response-set, Thorsten: writing a question in English about a German error message.
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