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Problems with filedates

PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2007 9:28 am
by smitty
1. I am using a Casio EX-Z55 and at least this camera dos not provide exif-information for the AVI-files (I wonder if the avi-format supports exif at all - but that\'s another question).

While loading the avi files with cam2pc - without any exif-information - the program uses the file date to detect to which folder the file has to be copied.

This works fine, as long as I copy the files directly from the SC-Card, because the dates of creation and change are identical.

But if I first copy the avi-files to a folder on my windows-xp-machine, windows changes the creation-date to the actual date of copying. If I then load the file from this folder with cam2pc, the program uses apparently the creation date for putting the avi-file into the folder-structure. The result is that the file is in the wrong folder.

So I suggest to use the date of change instead.

2. I tried to change the creation date with cam2pc (image - change date and time), but this seems to do nothing. The dates remain all the same.

I tested with the shareware-test-version.

What can I do to change the dates and to get the files into the right folder?