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A-HA! 4.6.0 Crash Fixed!

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2007 2:33 am
by ScottK
I was able to fix the problem with 4.6.0 crashing every time I opened the image browser. I went to the folder c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\nabocorp\cam2pc, created a temporary folder (I actually created the temporary folder under nabocorp, but I don't think that matters), and moved all the files, in my case cam2pc.db, cam2pc.db-journal and cam2pc.transfered, into the temorary folder, leaving the cam2pc folder empty. When I restarted the image browser, and voila! No more crash!

I assume this means there's something in the old database that's not compatible. Maybe now that I've nailed down the problem, nabocorp can find a solution that doesn't require getting rid of the database. (And maybe I'll earn the right to pick some features to add to the next upgrade. :) )

Hopefully, maybe since there's also that "transfered" file there, maybe this will fix the transfer/renaming crashing issue others have encountered (I never got far enough to encounter it myself).

PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2007 3:29 am
by ScottK
Guess I was too quick with the celebration. The viewer has hung a couple times on me, the image browser has crashed, and now the downloader crashes every time I run it.

You should really be ashamed of yourself, taking peoples' money then ignoring them like this. Very, very sad way to conduct yourself.