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Feature Request: Support for Windows Shortcuts (plus)

PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2007 4:28 pm
by eddyimpact
Although using Windows shortcuts is a "non-obvious" method for organizing images, it has lots of potential. An article I found that explains the method in detail can be found here:

I like this method because it avoids the use of custom text files or database files when cataloging images.

This concept could be taken further and might be useful for dealing with RAW files. Most cameras have the ability to render a JPG image after capturing the RAW file. In my workflow, these two images live side-by-side in the same directory. In fact, I use a program that has a feature that allows me to treat the JPG and RAW files as one file when renaming, copying, moving, etc.

I think it would be very useful for cam2pc to be able to follow a shortcut to its target JPG location and then have the ability to launch an external editor for a specific file extension.

For example, we have 3 files, IMG1.jpg + IMG1.RAW + IMG1.psd. Lets say I am browsing birthday photos in another directory because cam2pc supports shortcuts and I right-click on "Shortcut to IMG1.jpg". The context menu shows I can launch Bibble, Photoshop and Elements. I would like to be able to launch Bibble with the .RAW file, Photoshop with the .PSD file and Elements with the .JPG file!

There are actually three separate feature requests here:

1. Support for relative Windows Shortcuts.
2. Ability treat identically named files (with different extensions) "as one", probably using JPG as the "visible" file.
3. Associating an external editor with a specific file extension.

BTW -- I think #2+#3 would go a long way towards not having to support EVERY raw extension. At the very least, it would allow a work-around for users until support was finished.

Thanks again for a product that I love to use...