Epson R-D1 ERF raw files corrupted by downloader EXIF data

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Epson R-D1 ERF raw files corrupted by downloader EXIF data

Postby JB » Fri Nov 17, 2006 7:31 pm

ERF format raw files from an Epson R-D1 camera with firmware version 2.0 are being corrupted by the cam2pc downloader when EXIF data for copyright is added during transfer. Files can be renamed successfully without corruption. However, when cam2pc is set to add EXIF data for copyright, the ERF files are corrupted after transfer and cannot be thumbnailed or opened with any software I have.

The raw ERF files are not recognized at all by the cam2pc browser at all, regardless of how the transfer is done.

The following applications all recognize the ERF files after transfer, but none will open the raw images nor thumbnail them:
Adobe Photoshop CS2 Bridge using Camera Raw v3.6
Epson PhotoRAW v1.21
Epson RAW plug-in v1.21 (from Photoshop)

These same applications will correctly open the ERF files if they have been transferred by cam2pc without the addition of EXIF copyright data.
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