Applications Error (crash) with 3.0.1

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Applications Error (crash) with 3.0.1

Postby markus_b » Sun Dec 22, 2002 1:17 am

I'm a new user of cam2pc and would like to use it to offload pictures from a memory stick to my PC. The meory stick is in an USB multi-format reader. I can read and write without a problem to it.
CAM2PC installs and configures fine on my PC (IBM Thinkpad, Windows 2000). But as soon as I attempt to move or copy files I get an application error 'The instruction at "0x00406fbc" referenced memory at "0x575c3a42". The memory could not be "read"'.
The problem seems to be related to the file name creation mechnaism as it only occurs id I select 'Get date for each individual picture' in the transfer - directory creation dialog.

Regards Markus

P.S. I've read the post of another user about the difference between registered and non-registered versions. Before installing the program I though it was free. The registration form popping up during installation was a surprise for me as the cam2pc suddenly was shareware. The first question for me was 'what features do require registering ?'. This was expleined nowhere, not even the documentiation covers this !
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